Tao of the Perfect Man

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Author: Mario Toplsek

Spiritual rotation of light-

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The Great Path

“The Great Path is not difficult for those who do not have special preferences. If you want to know the truth, do not be for nor against. Dispute and proving are a disease of the mind. The road is perfect as an endless space in which nothing is missing and nothing is superfluous. Just because we choose to accept or reject something, we are not able to see the true nature of things. When you try to stop the activity (chaotic thoughts, bad emotions) in order to achieve passivity, your own effort fills you with activity. As long as you stay on one or the other extreme (duality), you will not recognize unity. Do not live in a network of external things, nor in the inner sense of emptiness. Be joyful and true, without the desire for activity and proving, be always in the same thing, and all the wrong views will disappear by themselves.

Denying the existence of things means to miss their reality – to confirm their nullity, also to miss their reality. The more you talk and think about it, the more you move away from the truth. Stop talking and think, and there will be nothing that you will not be able to meet.

To return to the Source means to know the true meaning of things, and to look at occu­rrences (illusion) means to miss the essence. Changes that seem to happen in an empty material world are called real only because of our ignorance. Do not search for the truth, just stop thinking. Do not stay in a dualistic state. If there is even the slightest trace of this or that, right or wrong, the essence of the mind will be lost in chaos. When the mind is unconcerned, on the Path, nothing in the world can hurt him. When the thoughts of distinction no longer appear, the old mind (linear) ceases to exist.

Being on the Great Path is neither easy nor difficult. Those who have limited views, tho­se who separate and live in duality, those who tie in, who hurt … Even the attachment to the idea of enlightenment is to turn from the Path. Simply allow things to be as they are and then there will be neither delay nor arrival. It follows your own nature (soul) and you will walk freely and indefinitely. If you want to go through the path of unity, be not intolerant to the world of senses and the idea (material world), in fact, fully accept them, which is identical to true enlightenment. A wise man does not aim for goals, and a fool ties them up. There is only one Truth, one Law, and no more. The distinction only occurs with the ignorant. Searching for the Mind (pure consciousness) using the mind that makes the difference is the biggest of all mistakes. Peace and unrest originate from the illusion. All duality comes from the conclusion in ignorance. Understanding this simplicity means being free from all attachments.

Consider movable immovable, and immovably moving, and both states will disappear. When duality ceases to exist, then thought, feeling, knowledge, and imagination no longer have any value (material world). One thing, all things, move and mix without distinction. To live in this realization means to have no worries about imperfection. To live in this belief is to live in uncertainty. Say! The path is beyond every story, because it does not exist yesterday, neither tomorrow, nor today.

O, the followers of the Path, now you really need to focus, for here, too, this is not the time to swell. This is like a lightning strain, a man blinks and he misses everything. If you go empty, everything is lost, if you try to master it with your mind, it clogs you. The one who knows he will understand that it is here, before him – since always. “

Seng Can (Sosan)


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